Let’s go over some of the basic information first before we delve into more specific information and tips.

1) This video slots game is put out through Microgaming.

2) It has about 5 reels and 20 pay lines.

3) The RTP (Return To Player) is kind of unknown at the point. We are hoping to get more information on this matter later. Stay tuned for more details as they come. What we can say (at the time) is that the RTP is very high.

4) The jackpot is about $5,000. Now that might not seem like a lot, but compared to other slot games, it is pretty good. Now let’s talk about the overall rules of the slots game. Keep in mind, many other people have said this game does lack the big payout that other games offer.

The Rules

This game does come with your regular version of rules. Players are going to get a war theme happening. Players are better off going to something else if war themes are not their thing. This is just our opinion. The game has a free spin feature which is pretty cool. Now, players can also indulge in the multipliers. Tapping into one of those will award the player 3 times the normal amount. There is a bonus round. Players will either make bets on whether the deck is high or lower than the last. Players will find a lovely surprise through animation. The animation will add more spice to the wins. Players who want to bypass all of this can go to the fast play mode of play. There is also an autoplay feature. This is when you can click the button and sit back. This gives you a chance to play and watch everything unfold without having to do much. The autoplay feature also comes in handy for those who have to constantly get up and down to do something. This way you do not have to keep stopping and starting everything. That can be a pain for some players. The autoplay feature eliminates all of this. Those who want to get out of the feature will have to reset everything and start over.

The Symbols and Possible Payouts

This game has definitely got the “girl power”. Players who prefer the men to take centre stage should find something else to do. This is all about the girls (hence the title). The girls are the ones who provide the wins. The highest payout is the game logo girl. This one can get a player up to 5,000 of the original investment, that is if you get all five in a row. There is a wild girl symbol which doubles. Players should also pay attention to the lower symbols. These lower symbols include things like tanks, goggles, and a bomber plane. As we said, this is all about war. You are not going to find anything other than war symbols in this game. There is a compass scatter symbol. This one is key to opening up the free spins in the game. Players who are fixated on the free spins portion should concentrate on the compass scatter symbol.

What are some of the advantages of this game?

1) There are plenty of free spins, as mentioned above. There is also a high-low bonus.

2) There is a double-up bonus feature for players, which does happen often with these games.

3) Players get scatter pays, wild wins, and win multipliers.

What are the disadvantages?

As with any slot game, there are few downsides.

1) This is not available on mobile outlets. Players who want to play on their phones need to find some other slot game to play.

2) There is no progressive jackpot for players. Sorry, guys. Once again, those interested in progressive jackpots need to look elsewhere.

The Free Spins and Other Bonus Features

1) Players can activate the free spins by getting 3 compass symbols in the middle 3 reels. Players cannot access them any other way (at least to our knowledge).

2) Every compass has a number. The first two are added together to come up with the number of free spins the player receives. The third one is added in to come up with the multiplier.

3) Players can get up to 14 free spin games out of this. That can bring the total of multipliers up to 3 times the original amount. Not every player is going to get this, of course. It sometimes comes down to luck and the way the slot machine lines up online. Remember that everything is random. There is no way to “fix it” so that you get this outcome.

4) The high-low things come about when a player gets the bonus to land on the outer reels at the same time. Once again, this is not going to happen every time and for every player. We can speak from personal experience with this. We played multiple games in a row, and it only happened maybe once for us. Sorry, guys. High-low also involves you getting 5 cards, one face up and the others face down. Your goal is to guess if the next card is either higher or lower than the last one (as we stated earlier). Those guess correctly will advance to the double-up version (which is the bonus round). You get 2 cards that are face down. Players can either choose to collect their payday or bet on something greater. Players who choose to bet more will have to decide if the card is high or lower than the last (like before). You will either double your winnings or lose a lot of money.

Is Playing Bomber Girls Slot Worth Your Time?

We tried it and found it to be fun. Those who want updated graphics might have to look elsewhere. The graphics are not the greatest, but the rest of the game keeps you interested. There is definitely a lot of fun and excitement that makes you want more. There are plenty of special features that make everything worth it. You can also play in the demo version first. That way you get your feet wet before playing for real money at an online casino. We recommend using the demo version first, especially if you are a beginner to the game like we were. Any game you find online is going to be hit or miss for players. It depends on what you like. Those who like war themes should give this one a try.