Top New Casinos in NZ for 2022

With the new year comes new casinos for 2022. We will be taking a look at the best new casinos for 2022, to help our readers find new casino bonuses in New Zealand. This article is focused on new casinos as we have covered the best casinos in NZ previously.

The Benefits of New Casinos in New Zealand

In general, there are five key aspects of a new casino that players should consider. We’ll take a deeper look at what they are and why they’re significant in this section. We’ll attempt to explain what distinguishes a decent new casino and how it might compete in the online gambling sector. The 5 key benefits of new casinos are:

  1. Fast Withdrawals
  2. Modern Design and UX components
  3. Big Casino Bonuses
  4. 24/7 Customer Support
  5. Better Regulation

Fast Casino Withdrawals

In the year 2022, practically all online casinos support the conventional methods of making deposits and withdrawals, such as debit cards and bank wire transfers. Because payouts via these methods can take as long as a week to process, the majority of players would rather gamble at an online casino that can complete payouts instantly or at the very least within a few hours.

E-wallets like Skrill, Neteller, and Paysafecard are included in the banking sections of the majority of brand-new casinos because of this reason. Some casinos have even gone so far as to enable cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals. Because of this, a significant number of recently opened casinos in New Zealand are concentrating their efforts on becoming accredited as fast-payout casinos by the year 2022.

Modern Websites

There have been a lot of advancements in technology with new website trends in 2022 being incorporated into the latest casino sites. We have seen a big focus on website speed take place with websites loading quicker without long delays. This has had a positive impact on New Zealanders as our internet is not as fast as in other parts of the world.

We have also seen the introduction of cinematic aspects within sites where online casinos have adopted the lead from companies like Netflix and DisneyPlus. This is something that we have witnessed. The layout of the casino games is reminiscent of the way in which movies and television programmes are shown on the aforementioned platforms, with each game being represented by a tile. In addition to these features, new casinos in the year 2022 will also likely have gamification, quick prizes, and the further development of financial connectivity.

Big Casino Bonuses

The release of so many new casinos in 2022 has seen an interesting phenomenon with many new casinos offering much larger casino bonuses than we have seen previously. This trend has not been limited to new casinos with many older casinos starting to follow the trend in 2022. This is evident in the new $1 deposit bonus offered by Royal Vegas where players get an incredible 100 free spins for $1, along with an additional $1200 available in further deposit match bonuses.

Lucky Fox is the latest new casino in 2022 to offer a massive casino bonus of $1500. This bonus is made up of a 450% deposit match which would have been unheard of in previous years.

24/7 Customer Support

The provision of round-the-clock customer service is no longer a desirable but optional feature for online casinos targeting the New Zealand market. Customers have become accustomed to receiving support whenever and wherever they require it, and new casinos make it possible for them to receive service of some kind at any time of the day or night. Historically, telephonic help was the only technique for providing customer service; however, in recent years, live chat has become the predominant approach due to the fact that it is a significantly more convenient option for players as well as casinos.

We anticipate that new casinos will continue their shift away from traditional contact channels and towards live chat as they come closer to the year 2022.

Improved Regulation

Regulation and casino licensing are really hot topics for casinos in 2022. We have seen many US states and countries throughout Europe implement regulatory frameworks over the past couple of years. 2022 has seen an acceleration of this regulation with Ontario looking to be the first province in Canada to start implementation of realistic regulation.

SkyCity is leading the charge in New Zealand. There are hopes that New Zealand will implement the regulation within 2022 but the most realistic timeframe is that the regulation will only be implemented in 2023.