4 Reasons Why you Should play Airplane-Themed Slot Games


The aviation world is an integral part of our society. In this age of globalization, it is ultimately the aviation industry that connects us to other parts of the globe.

Without this important aspect of our economy, the world we live in would have been very different from what we recognize today.

The evolution of airplanes, for instance, has allowed many significant human feats to be accomplished. In this generation, we no longer have to worry about sea sickness because we now fly in the open air.

Moreover, with how the world is becoming so busy with everything that goes around in its various environments, a fast and progressive transportation device has greatly benefited our economy and living standards.

Experience Travel without Going Anywhere


Not everyone can have the opportunity to travel the world. Fortunately, you no longer have to reserve a flight just to see what others can see. When playing airplane-themed slots, you are brought on a journey like no other.

You can see the world from a different perspective that allows you to relax at your own home without worrying about your baggage and extra expenses.

Win Prizes while Discovering the World


Unlike actual flight travels, playing airplane-themed slots not only give you the opportunity to witness the hidden beauty of the world, but it also gives you a chance to win plenty of amazing prizes.

While admiring the serene outlook of the sky, you can win large cash prizes that could actually give you the chance to travel for real.

Not just a Passenger


The excitement of traveling by plane is often reduced by the idea that you are just one of the many passengers on that plane. However, in slot games with this specific theme, you can be the pilot and the staff that operate the entire plane.

You can experience a unique adventure that lets you perceive the aviation industry from a different perspective.

More Opportunities for Fantasy


Real life is often mundane. Even if there are many things that you like about airplanes and the aviation industry in general, it would still not be enough to match what you truly have in your mind.

But in slot games, you have plenty of opportunities to fantasize about different things even in airplanes.

You can experience romance like no other or even become a different person that reflects your innermost desire.

Whether it’s about the admiration of the aviation world in general or just the travel opportunities flying can provide, there are many things you can get from playing slot games. Enjoy the rest of the world without leaving your seat.

3 Similarities between Flight Reservations and Airplane Slot Machines

New Zealand Casinos

The aviation industry has basically conquered the world. In fact, the number one way to travel both domestically and internationally is by airplane. It is really safe to say that the age of ships and boats are over.

Unlike those historical days, the technology of the present has allowed people to commute to different parts of the world without a lot of hassle. For those of us that love travelling and playing online casino games we have recently written an excellent guide to playing at New Zealand’s best online casinos whilst travelling.

There is no longer a need to be wary of the unstable ocean currents. There is also no longer a need to worry about long transportation durations while stuck on a waving container in the middle of the ocean.

Gone are the days when people had to cry in frustration just to reach their desired destination.

Today, you can reach the corners of the globe in less than 20 hours. Truly, the innovations of aviation engineers have no limits.

More developments are being made in the aeronautics industry wherein companies are competing against one another to produce the fastest travel option in the entire world.

Payment is an Option


Contrary to popular belief, reserving a flight does not automatically mean that a passenger has to pay immediately. It only means that the passenger reserved a seat on the flight.

Nevertheless, the passenger can typically have a week to pay for the seat; otherwise, the flight reservation may be canceled. This is basically the same with slot games.

There are airplane-themed slots that can be played without money and there are also those that you can play with money.

Nevertheless, it is important to realize that no payment means no prizes just like in actual flight reservations wherein no payment means no reserved seat on the flight.

Prizes have Choices


Reserving a flight could also mean reserving the kind of treatment you will receive in the actual flight. For example, you could preselect the kind of food you will get, as well as your seating preference.

In slot games, this is pretty much the same case. Your prize opportunity in the game depends on the payment you made.

The higher the fee, the higher the prizes you will potentially acquire from playing the game. However, unlike in-flight reservations wherein the details of the prizes are fixed, prizes in slot games can also depend on the gameplay experience.

This means that you can have vast opportunities to win different prizes in slot games.

Travel Experience


Reserving a flight most likely means you will be traveling somewhere unless you decided to opt out and not pay for the reservation you made. However, if you pursue this experience, you will go on an adventure that could change your fate. This is quite similar when playing slot games.

While playing airplane themed slots, you are not just playing in the place where you chose to play. You can be placed on a magnificent journey that can change the way you look at things.

Your experience in the game will definitely be as dynamic as what you would have experienced when traveling on an airplane.

Traveling by plane is a glorious experience. There are many things that can happen while in the air.

However, riding an airplane is not the only way to experience this sensation. You can simply play airplane-themed slots that could imitate the emotions you feel when traveling via an airplane.

4 Amazing Things about Airplane-Themed Slots That Make Them Successful


Despite the abundant possible themes that can be used in slot games, there are specific themes that are thriving more than the others.

These themes have managed to capture the attention of the players which allowed these specific games to constantly acquire a large number of players, even on a day to day basis.

One of these spectacular games is airplane-themed slots. Airplane-themed slot games are plenty but are still growing. It basically has an economy of its own. Cumulatively speaking, airplane-themed slots are played by millions of people in the whole world.

Continue reading to see what makes this theme especially attractive to different kinds of players.

Sense of Adventure

An airplane is a concept that speaks to the promise of adventure. It is one of the most important tools today that allow people to easily travel to different parts of the globe.

Thanks to the engineering prowess of the people who built this industry, finding adventure has never been easier.

Sense of Romance

Flight and romance are two things that may not sound like it works great together. The idea of finding love while in the air is something that has always fascinated people.

While above the clouds the emotional value of love is increased especially because the time in the air is only limited; this makes the experience of romance more terrific and dynamic.

Sense of Wonder

Being in the air makes one wonder about the many interesting things about the world we live in. While in the open sky, we are left with nothing but time to think about ideas that we do not normally think about.

The world has grown so much that sometimes we often forget just how wondrous the technology of today is.

Sense of Community

Being confined in a small space can create opportunities for connecting with people you do not know. The person beside you can be your special friend for the entire flight duration.

While the passengers may not know each other on a personal level, the idea of being in the same space at the same time could certainly awake some strange feelings we do not usually feel.

The aviation world is vast and booming. There are many things about it that make other factors about it more meaningful. Slot games, for instance, that are integrated with this particular theme can create special experiences for players playing these games.

If you want to personally explore these ideas, check out these aviation-themed slots that can change your world.

Slot Machines

From Visually.

Top 4 Aviation Themed Slot Games


The aviation industry is a massive enterprise which is also one of the most important aspects of today’s society. Thanks to the ingenious crafts of engineers and scientists, traveling the world has become a menial task.

Nevertheless, the thrill for this industry is something that cannot be underestimated.

In fact, the aviation world is an industry that is often reserved for adrenaline junkies. There is something about this concept that represents great adventure, plenty of fun anddynamic experience.

Pacific Attack

This slot game was released on the 1st of June 2006. Since its launch, it has managed to attract the attention of millions of players all around the world. The game is based on the historical time of World War 2 wherein the player embodies a character as one of the brave pilots that fought in the sky.

Combat Romance

This game was launched on 15 December 2011. Since its development, many players have loved its dynamic atmosphere and amazing gameplay experience. It combines two excellent social frameworks that made it easily one of the most relatable games out there.

In this game, you become a soldier that gets a chance to experience a very rare kind of true love.

Miss Major

Since its launch on October 9, 2018, this particular slot game has been able to capture the interest of many female casino gamers in many regions of the globe. In this game, the main character is a female commander who is leading the air force battalion against the invading enemies.

Sonic Boom

This game plays with the idea of nostalgia that has allowed it to become one of the most beloved aviation-themed slot games in history. Unlike the previously mentioned slot games, the very essence of this particular game is focused on 80’s effects that can make any player nostalgic.


Slot games are becoming more creative each year. The aviation world is not the only social framework that has been used as a theme for slots. Many great aspects of society have become a major influence in the development of slot games.

If you know of other magnificent themes in slot games that we can write about, be sure to contact us so that we can share them with the entire Air2 There community.